My Pre-Production Rack

Top to Bottom: Lexicon MPX100 reverb, Alesis DMPRO drum module,
Korg Trinity TR rack, and a Roland JV-2080 maxed out.
(Not pictured)- I am currently using Digtal Performer 4.1 through a MAC G4. (Started off with Cakewalk's Sonar 2-PC),
Joe Meek VC3 for mic preamp, Presonus Bluemax for mixdown, DBX 120X for Bass Enhancement, Mackie CR1604 mixer for
small mixes and a Allen & Heath Ghost3208 for large mixes.
Stage and Studio amps are from Carvin, GK, and Crate - (Until I get some more money).

Dream equipment would be: Mesa Boogie Rectifier head, Pre-Ernie Ball Musiman Stingray bass, 7-string guitar with EMGs.