On October 6th, 1996, local authorities answered a 911 call by a distressed woman in the
SOMA district of San Francisco. When they arrived, they discovered the body of musician, Raphael Vahn,
with a single bullet wound on his left temple. Paramedics tried to revive his pulse, however,
they announced him dead on arrival at San Francisco General Hospital. After questioning neighbors,
it was determined that Vahn committed suicide over his fiancee, Alexis O'Malee,
who was not found for questioning.

6 months later, SF vice detective, Michael Fincher accidentally stumbled on an underground child pornography
ring financed by a fictitious church organization. After an investigation launch of paper trails and survailences,
Detective Fincher discovered that the church organization was headed by no other than - Alexis O'Malee.
The Western Division FBI was called in to immediately shut the operation down. When they stormed in the
secret location, FBI agents found a large warehouse littered with dead children (as young as 6 years old)
along with the lifeless body of Detective Fincher with a single gunshot wound on his left temple.
Alexis O'Malee was no where to be found. The file of Raphael Vahn's death was reopened and a judge
granted a court order for Vahn's body to be exhumed for further analysis. To their surprise, the grave was
ritually vandalized and empty. Homicide agents were at another dead end. Then, on March 6, 1999,
during a routine drug bust in Central America, DEA agents seized a major cocaine operation financed by a
secret international woman slave ring in Raponghi, Japan. Japanese authorities raided the 4 block underground
network where they found and arrested the leader, Alexis Omalee.
Amongst items found were millions of dollars in Middle Eastern currency along with CIA documents regarding
the new world order known as The Aluminati . The incident attracted much international attention in global
security and foreign affairs. But only weeks before the extradition to the US of Alexis, the Japanese
Federal Prison was mysteriously burned to the ground killing all of the inmates and guards.
Alexis O'Malee's body was never found. In early 2001, a string of murders were reported in San Francisco
where all the victims were found with an ancient religious symbol lacerated on their chests. Interestingly
enough, all of the victims were somehow tied to Alexis O'Malee. Although dismissed as Satanic rituals,
some believe that the murders were committed by an angelic demon in the form of Raphael Vahn
known as DESCIPLE, resurrected to hunt for Alexis. Other extremists believe that it is the coming of
the Anti-Christ where the battle ground is set between Heaven and Hell.

...To this day, no one knows the whereabouts of Raphael Vahn and Alexis Omalee...