Your film must be accompanied by an OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM. (PDF)

Check Your Check List!

#1) Your properly formatted movie on Disc (DVD-R) or Tape (miniDV / DVCAM) OR QUICKTIME FILE (DV/NTSC - 720x480 pxls) onto a CD.

- PLEASE impliment 10 seconds of BLACK SCREEN Before and After your film.

#2) Completed application for the festival. The address is on the application.

#3) A check or money order for the amount of $10 made out to

If you are paying through please write down the transaction number on the application.
( Paypal account -

#4) A 1/2 page synopsis about your movie

#5) A 1/2 page synopsis about you, the filmmaker


All entries should be postmarked before MAY 5, 2016 to ensure delivery.

(Please do not drop off entry - USPS only - no signature on delivery)



Got Questions?