Got More Questions?

Q: What's the purpose of this event?
A: To keep the Bay Area independent film scene thriving offering an action / adventure themed event.

Q: Does it really have to be an Action film?
A: Yes, Anything that would be found in an Action / Adventure / Fantasy section at your local video store.

Q: When is the Deadline and does it have to be created this year?
A: MARCH 6, 2018. We recommend films to be done between now and the deadline, however, if you have something already produced after 2016, that's cool.

Q: What is the submission fee?
A: $10. For festivals usually averaging $40-$50 a submission, this fee is VERY reasonable. In addition, Torrid Productions host the only advertised
film festivals that actually REFUND submission fees if not selected.

Q: What if my short is over 10 min.?
A: Then it better be Damn Good! As in Drunken Master / Die Hard good. We wish to keep it 10 min. or under so we can give more people a chance to shine. 13 min. at the very MAX please!

Q: Where do you get the gull to charge struggling filmmakers?
A: Someone has to pay the venue and publicity fees. Torrid Productions will foot most of the bill, however, every little bit helps. This is a privately funded event, meaning it comes out of pocket. No sponsors at this time other than the resources utilized by Cos & FX Facebook Group.

Q: What will my film be judge on?
A: The films will be judged on their merits of resourcefulness, style of storytelling, effort, and overall presentation. Even though this festival is geared towards Amateurs, the key is to "look professional".
The bottom line to ask yourself is "Will my film be worth the 10 minutes that an audience member can not get back in their life?"

Q: Where will Herofest 11 take place?
A: We will be screening the events at certain venues, art colleges, and will be highlighted as part of our ongoing presentations at Comic Book Conventions throughout 2018.

Q: Is this an all ages event?
A: From past events, I call it at PG13, we strongly suggest Parental Guidence since this is an action film festival.

Q: What is Torrid Productions?
A: A multimedia company run by the festival creator, Desciple based in the Bay Area...

Q: What is Cos & FX?
A: A Facebook Film Group consisting of a network of Filmmakers, Costume Designers, Cosplayers, Artisans, and Propbuilders hosting a series of film festivals in the Bay Area including public forums on indie moviemaking..

Q: How "R" can we make our Rated R material?
A: At your discretion, we recommend everyone to use common sense. Blood is great, therefore, use as many gallons as you desire. Our only restrictions would include racial or sexual defamation, xxx, or snuff films. In additions, any product political messages, or organization promos will not be accepted.

Q: What's the best format to submit my film?
A: Whether you shoot your film on VHS or HD, most people turn their films in on DVD (-R) and /or send pre-approved Vimeo and YouTube links. However, the show reel will be assembled Standard Def at most screenings to be safe using DV/NTSC - 780x480 pxls Anamorphic (Rectangular - not Square viewing format

Starting this year, we will be able to finally accept movies online thru Vimeo and YouTube (Downloadable) links. A Paypal Account would be required for your online submission fee.

(Torrid Productions does not claim any rights, production credits, ownership, or responsibility of submitted materials. The authorship rights of each entry will be the sole responsibility of the person(s) submitting their film(s).