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Millennium Films is now working under the new name ~ BANDE DESSINÉE. The Crow: Purgatory II will be the 2nd completed project under this new name. Principal photography is expected to wrap up in mid-October followed by a month of FX shot processing and original score by LUNZAGA. Aside from the wrap up party and various private screenings, The Crow: Purgatory II will have it's Official premiere during WonderCon Weekend 07' in San Francisco.

As before, DVDs of this film will NOT be a product for sale. We will be focusing distribution online and at Special Screenings, Film Festivals, and Conventions at this time. We are more interested in getting the movie out to the masses using the "underground railroad method."

9/06 - Thanks to Craigslist and Bay Area Casting News, we have assembled a great cast for Purgatory II. This installment takes flight in it's own direction concentrating on Raphael's fall from grace.

9/15/06 - It is official! To answer a lot of emails that has come in. Yes, DEATH (Neil Gaimen's beloved character) will be this film. But be warned, this Death is a representation of the Sandman Character who RAPHAEL visits during a near death experience, sort of like a dream sequence. All we can say is, Sandman fans, keep your minds open and enjoy finally seeing DEATH....on screen.

9/26/06 - BANDE DESSINÉE has been invited to SiliCon 06' to show the first installment of THE CROW:PURGATORY as well as being a part of film panel discussion on October 6th, 2006. We will also show new material from PURGATORY II.

10/06/06 - Desciple makes a guest appearance at SiliCon 06' Film Festival at the Doubletree in San Jose, CA. The audience was treated to various independent films made in the Bay Area ranging from space adventures to silent fantasy genres.

Donuts are Forever director, Dan Seneres joins in on a Q&A panel discussion after the show which was quite entertaining.

When asked, "Does Purgatory 1 or 2 tie in with any of the Crow movie storylines?"

The reply was: "No, the Purgatory series is more about the Crow's mythical universe and the battle between demons and angels over humanity".

When asked, "Does creator, James O'Barr know about what you are doing?"

The reply was: "Yes, Mr. O'Barr attended the premeiere of the first installment. It was noted that Purgatory was inspired by his creation and pays homage to the graphic novel."

The Crow: Purgatory (first installment) was one of the featured shorts where the audience had questions about the filmmaking process and the impact of fan based films. Details were given about Purgatory II which promises to be done in a more larger scale cast and production-wise.

10/08/06 - The Crow: Purgatory II teaser is now online. It's about over a minute long filled with quick cuts to give everyone a feel of what's been done so far. Check it out at the link located to the right column of this here page:)

11/21/06 JUST ANNOUNCED, The official public premiere of THE CROW: PURGATORY II will take place on MARCH 04, 2007 during WONDERCON 07' weekend in San Francisco. So far, we are in negotiations of renting a space within the Sony Metreon acrosss the street from the convention site, Moscone Center. Stay tuned!

Already, there has been a lot of request of having the film online. The problem is, the length is ONE HOUR long. At the moment, the only way to check it out will be at festivals and special screenings. However, we are open to suggestions of how to get it online without losing quality and avoiding download problems due to length. Chopping it up into segments seem to take away from the pace. Anyways, holla if you have any helpful ideas!


* 9/14/06 - First day of shoot. The character PRIEST opens up the film with an elaborate monologue to set the tone.

* 9/19/06 - We shot the Gauntlet bodyguard fight scene at Storageland in San Francisco's Mission District. This was a fun multiple fight scene to film. It was so intensed, it almost looked like a hate crime.

* 9/20/06 - Storageland shoot continued including scenes with characters ATHENA and ARIANA.

* 9/21/06 - Storageland shoot continued including the confrontation between ALEXIS and RAPHAEL.

* 9/25/06 - Lakeshore location. RAPHAEL gets hit by a car and attacks victim.

* 9/26/06 - Oakland - RAPHAEL gets a visit by Neil Gaimen's Sandman character, DEATH in an intimate dialog scene.

* 9/27/06 - Storageland wrap up. PRIEST and RAPHAEL showdown.

* 9/28/06 - A much needed rest is needed after the marathon shoot. This will give us time to pre-edit the footage and check it's pacing.

* 10/10/06 - After pace editing, there a re a few pick up shots and ADR needed. We also accomplished some of the visual effects such as energy wave distortions.

* 10/16/06 - We've started on the coroner scene where the Alexis character comes back to life. The coroners office has that really cold metallic feel to it..

* 10/18/06 - We are shooting the scene where Raphael has a one on one conversation with the devil's attorney played by Garth Parr.

* 10/23/06 - More pick up shots in a Berkeley Alleyway where Rahael wakes up after his encounter with DEATH.

* 10/30/06 - We shot the front of CLUB WONDERLAND as well as the Alleyway Victim sequence.

* 11/14/06 - New location for warehouse pick ups including Alumanti guards. An additional fight scene has been added where ALEXIS takes on 3 street thugs after coming back to life. Great stuff!

* 11/20/06 - Coroner Scene. ALEXIS comes back to life in a new body killing a coroner played by JUAN RICHARDSON, (aka - musician, UNCLE FUNKY).

* 11/21/06 - Jack London Square, an additional back alley confrontation happens where RAPHAEL must fight his way to make it to the Alumanti warehouse. At this point, the movie's budget has reached to $81. (That's a lot to a blue collar worker,)

* 1/5/07 - Happy New Year everyone! For the most part, the film is wrapped up. An elevator scene was added to the movie featuring actress, Mel Aubert. The editing has been completed and now we are working on the credits and title sequence, Gears has been switched over to doing the musicial score which is another project within itself. See up above for details:)

* 2/1/07 - With the film completed, all focus will be on aggressively promoting the premiere during Wondercon 07' in San Francisco, CA. The final amount of the film's budget was total: $97. (Average guerilla budget)

* 2/9/07 - A last minute part was added to the film due to DEATH'S overwhelming acceptance, DEATH will now have an extra scene after the credits (ala X-Men3 style).


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