The Crow: Purgatory II


04/16/07 - THE CROW: PURGATORY II has been accepted to this year's Short Film Corner at- Festival De Cannes! We are proud to announce our first international screening!

03/6/07 - The birthday of the Anti-Christ. Wow! What a Weekend it was! The big premiere held at the Sony Metreon during Wondercon Weekend was surreal. The audience really enjoyed the latest installment of THE CROW: PURGATORY II.

Unexpectedly, the venue ran out of chairs:). Nevertheless, it was suggested to us that we do a small screening tour in some cafes and bigger comic book shops in the Bay Area in addition to submitting the film to national independent film festivals. If you have any suggestions for local screenings, please contact us with your ideas!

Not to our surprise, DEATH was a big hit in the movie. It seems that actress, NIKKI HOY, has gained a lot of admirers. Seeing the character come to life was a real treat. The two comicbook genres mixed in very well..

(An alternate vision of Neil Gaimen's beloved character, DEATH (Nikki Hoy) attempts to comfort
Raphael (David Lockhart) in the realm of dreams).

During the Q&A panel, some of the questions asked:

Q: How long did it take to make the film?

A: 3 months, mainly shot on Sunday nights.

Q: How did you get real crows on camera?

A: Like an idiot, the cameraman followed crows and ravens for 3 weeks- almost getting into car accidents and hanging around dumpsters.

Q: When will Purgatory 3 happen?

A: The vision would take a huge amount of funding. There is only so much you can do at our guerilla level of production. We would basically have to deal with biological warfare and kill every living thing on the planet according to the storyline.
In Purgatory II, the character- Amir Merchasin hints that when the last human dies, Demons and Angels will rise from the ashes and start the final war over Souls. The character, Alexis, is the cataylist that starts it all. Yes, we're talking - Armageddon.


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Running Time:
TBA - Approx 53 min .
Thriller/Action/ Fantasy-FanFilm.

Cast: David Lockhart, Sharise Parviz, Christianne Kotoff, Roberto Divina, Nikki Hoy, Nayan, Juan Richardson, Mel Aubert, Garth Parr

Written & Directed by DESCIPLE
Fight Choregrapher - PIERRE (BITW)

Inspired by James O'Barr's,


Based on the adaption of
DESCIPLE- The Gothic Multimedia Opera.

Premise: This anticipated sequel takes place 2 years after Raphael's fall from the Desciples where his search for Alexis is the new mission.

Purgatory II signifies the spinoff to James O'Barr's graphic novel respectfully giving this storyline an entirely different premise within the universe of The Crow's mythical world.


Listen to the Original Music Score by LUNZAGA!
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Note from the composer for PII: "This time around, I took the basic overture and added certain feels from the first two Crow films by (Graeme Revell) with a touch of the very close sounding score of Peter Gabriel's, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST"

2/1/07- NEW Music JUST ADDED

The Coroner (MP3)
Death (MP3)


BONUS 2.5 min. Clip


Priest on the hunt!

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